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OpenPype Commands Reference


You can substitute openpype_console with poetry run python if you want to run it directly from sources.


Running OpenPype without any commands will default to tray.

Common arguments

--use-version to specify explicit version to use:

openpype_console --use-version=3.0.0-foo+bar

--headless - to run OpenPype in headless mode (without using graphical UI)

--use-staging - to use staging versions of OpenPype.

--list-versions - to list available versions.

--validate-version - to validate integrity of given version

--verbose <level> - change log verbose level of OpenPype loggers

--debug - set debug flag affects logging

For more information see here.


contextselectionOpen Context selection dialog.
moduleRun command line arguments for modules.
repack-versionTool to re-create version zip.📑
trayLaunch OpenPype Tray.📑
publishPype takes JSON from provided path and use it to publish data in it.📑
extractenvironmentsExtract environment variables for entered context to a json file.📑
runExecute given python script within OpenPype environment.📑
interactiveStart python like interactive console session.
projectmanagerLaunch Project Manager UI📑
settingsOpen Settings UI📑

tray arguments

openpype_console tray

publish arguments

Run publishing based on metadata passed in json file e.g. on farm.

--targetsdefine publishing targets (e.g. "farm")
--gui (-g)Show publishing
Positional argumentPath to metadata json file
openpype publish <PATH_TO_JSON> --targes farm

extractenvironments arguments

Entered output filepath will be created if does not exists. All context options must be passed otherwise only openpype's global environments will be extracted. Context options are project, asset, task, app

output_json_pathAbsolute path to the exported json file
--projectProject name
--assetAsset name
--taskTask name
--appApplication name
openpype_console /home/openpype/env.json --project Foo --asset Bar --task modeling --app maya-2019

run arguments

| Argument | Description | | --script | run specified python script |

Note that additional arguments are passed to the script.

openpype_console run --script /foo/bar/ arg1 arg2

projectmanager arguments

projectmanager has no command-line arguments.

openpype_console projectmanager

settings arguments

| Argument | Description | | -d / --dev | Run settings in developer mode. |

openpypeconsole settings

repack-version arguments

Takes path to unzipped and possibly modified OpenPype version. Files will be zipped, checksums recalculated and version will be determined by folder name (and written to

./openpype_console repack-version /path/to/some/modified/unzipped/version/openpype-v3.8.3-modified