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We aim to closely follow VFX Reference Platform

OpenPype is written in Python 3 with specific elements still running in Python2 until all DCCs are fully updated. To see the list of those, that are not quite there yet, go to VFX Python3 tracker

The main things you will need to run and build pype are:


It can be built and ran on all common platforms. We develop and test on the following:

  • Windows 10
  • Linux
    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • Centos 7
  • Mac OSX
    • 10.15 Catalina
    • 11.1 Big Sur (using Rosetta2)


Database version should be at least MongoDB 4.4.

Pype needs site-wide installation of MongoDB. It should be installed on reliable server, that all workstations (and possibly render nodes) can connect. This server holds Avalon database that is at the core of everything

Depending on project size and number of artists working, connection speed and latency influence performance experienced by artists. If remote working is required, this mongodb server must be accessible from Internet or cloud solution can be used. Reasonable backup plan or high availability options are recommended. Replication feature of MongoDB should be considered. This is beyond the scope of this documentation, please refer to MongoDB Documentation.

Pype can run its own instance of mongodb, mostly for testing and development purposes. For that it uses locally installed MongoDB.

Download it from mognoDB website, install it and add to the PATH. On Windows, Pype tries to find it in standard installation destination or using PATH.

To run mongoDB on server, use your server distribution tools to set it up (on Linux).


Python 3.9.x is the recommended version to use (as per VFX platform CY2022). Note: We do not support 3.9.0 because of this bug. Please, use higher versions of 3.9.x.

If you're planning to run openPYPE on workstations from built executables (highly recommended), you will only need python for building and development, however, if you'd like to run from source centrally, every user will need python installed.


openPYPE should be installed on all workstations that need to use it, the same as any other application.

There are no specific requirements for the hardware. If the workstation can run the major DCCs, it most probably can run openPYPE.

Installed, it takes around 400MB of space, depending on the platform

For a well functioning ftrack event server, we recommend a linux virtual server with Ubuntu or CentOS. CPU and RAM allocation needs differ based on the studio size, but a 2GB of ram, with a dual core CPU and around 4GB of storage should suffice


For pushing pipeline updates to the artists, you will need to create a shared folder that will be accessible with at least Read permission to every OpenPype user in the studio. This can also be hosted on the cloud in fully distributed deployments.


Key projects we depend on

Python modules we use and their licenses

acre 1.0.0GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPLv3)
aiohttp 3.7.3Apache 2
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.13.3Apache 2.0
appdirs 1.4.4MIT
blessed 1.17.12MIT
click 7.1.2BSD-3-Clause
clique 1.5.0Apache License (2.0)
coverage 5.3.1Apache 2.0
cx-Freeze 6.5.1Python Software Foundation License
docutils 0.16public domain, Python, 2-Clause BSD, GPL 3 (see COPYING.txt)
flake8 3.8.4MIT
ftrack-python-api 2.0.0Apache License (2.0)
jinxed 1.0.1MPLv2.0
log4mongo 1.7.0BSD
OpenTimelineIO 0.14.0.dev1Modified Apache 2.0 License
Pillow 8.1.0HPND
pyblish-base 1.8.8LGPL
pycodestyle 2.6.0Expat license
pydocstyle 5.1.1MIT
pylint 2.6.0GPL
pymongo 3.11.2Apache License, Version 2.0
pynput 1.7.2LGPLv3
PyQt5 5.15.2GPL v3
pytest 6.2.1MIT
pytest-cov 2.11.0MIT
pytest-print 0.2.1MIT
pywin32-ctypes 0.2.0BSD 1.3.2MIT
six 1.15.0MIT
speedcopy 2.1.0UNKNOWN
Sphinx 3.4.3BSD
sphinx-qt-documentation 0.3BSD-3-Clause
sphinxcontrib-websupport 1.2.4BSD
tqdm 4.56.0MPLv2.0, MIT Licences
wheel 0.36.2MIT
wsrpc-aiohttp 3.1.1Apache Software License

  1. On Centos 7 you need to install additional libraries to support OIIO there - mainly boost and libraw (sudo yum install boost-1.53.0 and sudo yum install LibRaw)