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We provide two examples of possible settings for nuke, but these can vary wildly between clients and projects.

Default [dict]

path: pype-config/presets/colorspace/default.json

"nuke": {
"root": {
"colorManagement": "Nuke",
"OCIO_config": "nuke-default",
"defaultViewerLUT": "Nuke Root LUTs",
"monitorLut": "sRGB",
"int8Lut": "sRGB",
"int16Lut": "sRGB",
"logLut": "Cineon",
"floatLut": "linear"
"viewer": {
"viewerProcess": "sRGB"
"write": {
"render": {
"colorspace": "linear"
"prerender": {
"colorspace": "linear"
"still": {
"colorspace": "sRGB"

aces103-cg [dict]

path: pype-config/presets/colorspace/aces103-cg.json

"nuke": {
"root": {
"colorManagement": "OCIO",
"OCIO_config": "aces_1.0.3",
"workingSpaceLUT": "ACES - ACEScg",
"defaultViewerLUT": "OCIO LUTs",
"monitorLut": "ACES/sRGB D60 sim.",
"int8Lut": "Utility - sRGB - Texture",
"int16Lut": "Utility - sRGB - Texture",
"logLut": "Input - ARRI - V3 LogC (EI800) - Wide Gamut",
"floatLut": "ACES - ACES2065-1"
"viewer": {
"viewerProcess": "sRGB D60 sim. (ACES)"
"write": {
"render": {
"colorspace": "ACES - ACEScg"
"prerender": {
"colorspace": "ACES - ACEScg"
"still": {
"colorspace": "Utility - Curve - sRGB"

Creator Defaults

path: pype-config/presets/tools/creator.json

This preset tells the creator tools what family should be pre-selected in different tasks. Keep in mind that the task is matched loosely so for example any task with 'model' in it's name will be considered a modelling task for these purposes.

"Family name": ["list, "of, "tasks"]

"Model": ["model"],
"Render Globals": ["light", "render"],
"Layout": ["layout"],
"Set Dress": ["setdress"],
"Look": ["look"],
"Rig": ["rigging"]

Project Folder Structure

path: pype-config/presets/tools/project_folder_structure.json

Defines the base folder structure for a project. This is supposed to act as a starting point to quickly create the base of the project. You can add [ftrack.entityType] after any of the folders here and they will automatically be also created in ftrack project.

__project_root__ [dict]

"__project_root__": {
"_prod" : {},
"_resources" : {
"footage": {
"ingest": {},
"offline": {}
"audio": {},
"art_dept": {},
"editorial" : {},
"assets[ftrack.Library]": {
"characters[ftrack]": {},
"locations[ftrack]": {}
"shots[ftrack.Sequence]": {
"editorial[ftrack.Folder]": {}

Software Folders

path: pype-config/presets/tools/sw_folders.json

Defines extra folders to be created inside the work space when particular task type is launched. Mostly used for configs, that use {app} key in their work template and want to add hosts that are not supported yet.

"compositing": ["nuke", "ae"],
"modeling": ["maya", "app2"],
"lookdev": ["substance"],
"animation": [],
"lighting": [],
"rigging": []

Tray Items

path: pype-config/presets/tray/menu_items.json

This preset let's admins to turn different pype modules on and off from the tray menu, which in turn makes them unavailable across the pipeline

item_usage [dict]

"item_usage": {
"User settings": false,
"Ftrack": true,
"Muster": false,
"Avalon": true,
"Clockify": false,
"Standalone Publish": true,
"Logging": true,
"Idle Manager": true,
"Timers Manager": true,
"Rest Api": true

Muster Templates

path: pype-config/presets/muster/templates_mapping.json

Muster template mapping maps Muster template ID to name of renderer. Initially it is set Muster defaults. About templates and Muster se Muster Documentation. Mapping is defined in:

Keys are renderer names and values are templates IDs.

"3delight": 41,
"arnold": 46,
"arnold_sf": 57,
"gelato": 30,
"hardware": 3,
"krakatoa": 51,
"file_layers": 7,
"mentalray": 2,
"mentalray_sf": 6,
"redshift": 55,
"renderman": 29,
"software": 1,
"software_sf": 5,
"turtle": 10,
"vector": 4,
"vray": 37,
"ffmpeg": 48